Role                                    Name                                Class                             Areas of Responsibility

Headteacher                       Mrs Penny Kluver                                                     SENCo

                                                                                                                         Higher Attaining Pupils


Senior Teacher                    Mrs Michelle Billett             Hedgehogs                     EYFS


                                                                                                                         Music                                Class Teachers                    Mrs Charlotte Stradling       Hedgehogs                     RE/Collective Worship


                                           Mrs Helen Jones                  Squirrels                        English


                                         Mrs Jane Penny                     Squirrels                        Art

                                                                                                                          Pupil Premium lead

                                          Mr Tim Browning                 Foxes                              Computing



                                   Mrs Celia Haltof                  Wolves                            Design and Technology


                                  Mrs Helen Jones                   Wolves

Nursery Nurse                    Mrs Bev Henderson              Hedgehogs                       Outdoor learning lead

Support Staff                      Mrs Claire Ecob                   Foxes                               ELSA

                                          Mrs Paula Bainbridge           Hedgehogs                      Library

                                          Miss Averil Clark                 Hedgehogs & Squirrels     Class support

                                          Mrs Sharon Perry                 Squirrels & Foxes            Class support

                                                                                                                          After school club

                                                                                                                         Mid-day Manager                                            

Non-Teaching Staff             Mrs Paula Collett                                                       Bursar    

                                          Mrs Sara Felstead                                                      Admin Officer

                                          Mr Kevin Bedwell                 Premises Officer             Buildings and grounds

                                          Mrs Jenny Burden                 Whole school                  Before school club

Lunchtime Staff                  Mrs Dawn Giles                     Whole school                  Mid-day supervisor