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School Nurse

Parents can send a text message to the ‘Chathealth’ text line on 07520615382 for advice on any child health problems.

For an introduction to the School Nurse service please watch this short video:

This term, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s School Immunisation Service is offering a free, safe and effective flu immunisation to all our pupils.


Flu is highly contagious and spreads through coughs, sneezes and touching contaminated surfaces. It causes fever, aching muscles, a stuffy nose and cough. In some cases, flu can cause serious problems like painful ear infections or breathing issues. Good hand hygiene throughout autumn and winter helps to stop flu spreading. The flu vaccination will help to protect your child from this nasty virus – and help to prevent it spreading to vulnerable friends and family members.


The vaccine is usually given as a nasal spray, which provides the most effective protection. The nasal spray contains traces of pork gelatine. A gelatine-free flu injection into the arm is also available if the nasal spray isn’t suitable. The vaccine is offered each year to protect against the latest flu strains.


Watch the child-friendly Flu Heroes animated film for more information about the vaccine: . There is also an online leaflet you can read through:

The service will be visiting Higham on the Hill on 26th October 2023. Please fill out a consent form for your child online, to let the service know your consent decision (vaccine approval or refusal): . Our school code is LE141468. 


If you have any questions, contact the School Immunisation Team on 0300 3000 007.