Sports Premium

Allocation 2018/2019:      Sports premium and grant from apprentice provider       £17,290


Expentiture:                     2 day PE LSA  contract

                                         Specialist coaching (swimming, tennis, cricket, tag rugby)

                                         Staff training

                                         Additionality (Sailing)

                                         Release time for subject leader to produce/ monitor action plans

                                         Release time for subject leader to carry out joint practice development (JPD).


Impact:                             Y1/2 team won Unity cross country, 3 other medals 

      More after school and lunchtime sports activities are now offered

                                   A wide range of indoor and outdoor PE activities are offered

                                   All PP children participated in an extra-curricular sporting activity

                                          Good and outstanding practice is now observed during Joint Practice Development

                                          Children are keen to represent school in competitions

                                          More higher level swimming certificates awarded

                                          More children involved in intra and inter school events

                                          Athletics certificates were gained by older children

                                          100% of Y6 children, by the end of the year, could swim 25m.


 Allocation for 2019/2020        £16,800 


 Provisional plans for use:                   

      Continue to employ a  PE LSA, 2 days per week

             Staff development and training

                                         Replenish resources as and when necessary

                                         Subsidise swimming and fund coaches

                                         Continue to provide additionality

                                         Provide release time for organising Matches and fixtures with other schools

                                         Within and between school joint practice development

     Develop outdoor trim trail facilities

                                         Develop changing facilities for older children.