The Start and End of the School Day

Breakfast Club 8am-8.45am for any school age child.

After School Club 3.15-5pm for any school age child.  

The playground will be open from 8.30am.  The school doors will be open from 8.45am for children to come into school. Hedgehogs will need to enter school through their classroom door and Squirrels, Foxes and Wolves will need to enter via the back door - through Hedgehogs outdoor area. There will be an adult on the door from 8.45am to take any messages you may wish to give to the class teacher.  The class teachers will be in the classrooms giving them additional time to support and greet children in the morning. 

School ends at 3.15pm. Parents of children in hedgehogs class are asked to collect their child from within that class' outdoor learning area. The class teacher will only release a child once they know that the 'responsible adult' has arrived.

If someone other than yourself is to collect your child, please inform the adult on the door in the morning.

The older children will go into the large playground at the front to be collected. A teacher will be there to supervise.

Parents wishing to speak to a teacher are asked to do so before 8.45am or after 3.15pm.. They must report to School Reception first.


Registration takes place twice a day at 8.55am and 1.00pm. Registration lasts for 10 minutes and anyone arriving at school after 9.05am or 1.10pm must report to School Reception with their 'responsible adult' to be signed in.


Lunchtime is between 12 noon and 1.00pm with lunchtime staff taking responsiblity for the children. 

Term Dates

Information on holiday dates can be found at:


School Dinners

Here is a link to School Food Support who provide our school dinners.