Welcome to Class 4: Wolves 





 We are a class of 11 Year 6 children. Mrs Haltof and Mrs Jones are our class teachers. Mrs Ecob is our learning support assistant on Fridays. 





This term, in English, the children will take part in role plays; write play scripts; learn to write detailed persuasive texts (sometimes in role) and work on editing their texts to improve them. They will also revise writing setting and character descriptions; stories that include speech and dilemmas; diaries in role and newspapers.


We will be learning to use: a range of sentences openers, interesting vocabulary, a variety of conjunctions and punctuation. Also, we will be learning to identify and use a variety of adverbs, adverbials, prepositions, clauses and phrases.


Accurate spelling of words that they have previously learnt will be revisited, and new words will be learnt and used in the texts that the children write.


The ability of the children to find answers in comprehension texts using skim and scan will be revised and improved.


The children will have the opportunity to use the computers and i pads to research, learn and present their work, and they will also take part in Outdoor learning.

                                       Explore, learn and enjoy...

                                                                  English games


This term in Maths, Mathematical reasoning and investigation will be an integral part of our curriculum. This will be conducted in the classroom, around the school, in the school grounds and in the Outdoor Classroom. Children will be given the opportunity to solve open ended and real life problems independently, in pairs and in groups both with adult support and without support, which they enjoy immensely.


We will be working on improving our 'speedy' recall of our times tables and Roman numerals, deepen our understanding of place value; solve multi-step Mathematical problems that include time, money, weight and length and use column methods and mental strategies to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Also, we will revise reading and converting between lengths and weights and between the twelve hour and twenty four hour clock. Solving Mathematical problems and equations algebraically will also be undertaken by some children.


Adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions will be revisited and dividing fractions by whole numbers will be learnt. Fractions will be compared; converted to equivalents and fractions of amounts and quantities will be found. Multi-step word problems involving fractions will be solved by the children both in class and during our Outdoor Learning sessions.


 The children will name and describe properties of 2D and 3D shapes and find and compare nets for different 3D shapes. They will calculate: the perimeter and areas of rectangles and composite shapes using formulas; the volume of cubes and cuboids and the area of triangles and parallelograms using formula.


Other learning

Other things we are currently working on include:

  • developing our musical skills
  • improving our ability to swim
  • developing our design and technology skills 
  • using drama, hot seating and role-play to improve our writing



Autumn 1

What are Rainforests; where are Rainforests? What are the layers of the rainforest? Should we cut down rainforests? What are the negative effects of Rainforests? Write a Poem about deforestation.

Autumn 2


Research and write a chronological report about the major discoveries relating to Electricity. Create a persuasive poster about precautions for working safely with electricity. Research and write facts about the artist Benjamin West. Draw a picture  of Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment. Research and explain the history of Christmas cards in Britain. Create an electronic Christmas card.


Spring 1

Spring 2    sssssssssssssssssssss  s  s  

Summer 1sssssssssssssss


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